The Worldwide North Africa Jewish Heritage Center

The Worldwide North Africa Jewish Heritage Center, is a unique center of culture based in Jerusalem. It offers the general public with permanent and temporary exhibitions showing the extraordinary history and heritage of the Jews communities of North Africa. The crown of the center is an audio-visual presentation, that include documents, movies, music, bibliography, and pictures telling the thrilling narrative of the Jewish communities in Morocco, Algeria and Tunis.

Center's educational activities

Among others, the center operates the Poetic Cantorial Institute, includes a rich library with thousands of rare books and offers tours (by appointment) that tell the story of the center since its establishment in the 1854 by Rabbi David Ben Shimon (known also as the Tsuf Debash).

The Center opens its doors

Visit and be impressed by the permanent exhibition showing the history and rich heritage of the Jews of North Africa.

In the Mughrabi neighborhood of Jerusalem, known also as Mamilla, sprouts an ancient building at the center of a stunning garden with authentic Moroccan design.
This building is a living testimonial of the history of Jerusalem Mughrabi neighborhood and residents of North African origin.